475th Anniversary

In 2018 at St Mary’s, we are celebrating the 475th Anniversary of the church on the current site.  

Do visit St Mary’s to view the exhibition on the history of the church.

Our main celebrations will happen in June.

  • Bishop Christopher will preside and preach at our service on 3rd June.
  • Canon Alvyn Pettersen (from our patron Worcester Cathedral) will preach on 24th June. 
  • Helen Deaton from the Mortlake and Barnes History Society will give a talk on the history of the church at 3pm on 23rd June.
  • Our Churchyard Garden Party the following day will also be a birthday party for the church.


The book ‘Going to the Parish’ which was first published 25 years ago will be re-issued in an updated edition. 

In the meantime you can read an account of the history of the church here.