Missed the first ever Great Mortlake Bake Off? Time to get practising for Bake Off 2018 on 12th May. More info to follow.

From our Press Release: Enthusiastic bakers from Mortlake and across the borough of Richmond hurried to the very first Great Mortlake Bake Off at St Mary the Virgin church last Saturday morning to submit their ‘Bread’, ‘Sponge’, and ‘Showstopper’ bakes in time for judging by local food experts.  Non-baker visitors admired the beautiful display of entries while enjoying the tea and cake included in their £3 ticket.  By 1pm, when the judges from Sheen businesses ‘Crowthers Catering’ and ‘A&M Sugarcraft’ commenced their sampling, the tables were groaning under the weight of 55 stunning varied bakes.

Two of the five categories were for schoolchildren who watched with bated breath alongside the adult bakers as the four expert judges meticulously sampled and marked each bake for taste, texture and appearance.   For those who needed a calming distraction from the excitement there were demonstrations to a seated audience by local experts in cake decoration and bread making.  Tricks of the trade were shared by the owner of Mortlake restaurant, The Tapestry, who received a round of applause when he swiftly created spun sugar nests atop a delicious banoffee pie. Teenage ‘Bake Off Ambassadors’ helped smaller children decorate freshly made biscuits with an array of tempting toppings in a dedicated room.

We are eagerly anticipating the next Great Mortlake Bake Off in 2018!

Participants can contact the organiser with any questions at email: bakeoff@stmarymortlake.org.uk

Here are some photos:

Demonstrations and Workshops















Judging and presenting prizes




















Winning entries