Tiddlywinks is a  term-time playgroup  for  babies, preschool children and their carers (including Dads!) held in the church from 9.30 to 11.00 am on Mondays. The cost is £3 per child (£1 for under 12 months).

During the session we provide healthy snacks for children, refreshments for everyone, along with a range of age-appropriate activities for the children and carers to engage in. We come together at the end to enjoy a time of singing.

 “Lilly and I really look forward to Monday mornings! Tiddlywinks is a lovely and caring playgroup where we feel welcomed at all times. A wide variety of activities are laid out throughout the spacious church and hall… parachute songs, with live guitar, puppets, teas and coffees, and much more!” Laura (Lilly’s Mum)