Four Stories of the Crucifixion

Revd. Tom Carson’s Good Friday addresses, 3rd April 2015

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 1. The Rich Man’s Story

Mark 10.17-27 and Luke 23.32-38



Help us, loving God,
as we gaze on your Son on the cross to love him,
and in loving him to take up our cross and follow him,
wherever he may lead,
for his name’s sake.

2. Simon the Pharisee’s Story

Luke 7.36-50 and Luke 23.39-43



Teach us, dear Lord,
not to look out for the faults of others,
but to recognize our own need for your healing love.
Help us who have been forgiven greatly to love greatly,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

3. Jairus’ daughter’s Story

Mark 5.21-24, 35-43 and  Luke 23.44-46



Abba, Father,
we thank you for inviting us to be your children.
Help us to follow in the way of your son,
to be first by serving others,
In his name we pray.

4. Joseph of Arimathea’s Story

Luke 22.63-71 and Luke 23.47-56



Forgive us, Lord,
when we fail to speak up for truth and justice.
Help us to see what is right and to act on it,
for the love of your only Son, Jesus Christ.