Ideas for using Lent
as a time transformation for ourselves
and for our world.

We don’t need a particular time in the church calendar to change or to begin to take our faith more seriously. But the six weeks of Lent which begin on Ash Wednesday (6th March) do provide a helpful opportunity to reflect on our spiritual lives as we prepare for Easter.

Here are a few suggestions:-

For those who like to read

The Lent Bookstall is at St Mary’s on 3rd March. Chose a book of Lent Readings such as ‘The Merciful Humility of God: The 2019 Lent Book’ by Jane Williams, ‘At Home in Lent’ by Gordon Giles or ‘Love the World’ by David Adams. Or choose a book from our library at the back of church.

Lent Lectures

These take place on Sunday evenings during Lent at 6.30pm. This year the theme is ‘This Fragile Earth: Faith and our care for the planet’:-

10 March at St Mary’s: Climate change and the Gospel
Bishop David Atkinson
17 March at All Saints: Theology and the environment
Bishop Richard Cheetham
24 March at Christ Church: Faith and sustainability
Dr Ian Christie
31 March at St Mary’s: Creation and spirituality
Fr Sam Society of St Francis
7 April at All Saints: An environmentally friendly church
Rich Bee from A Rocha
All lectures begin at 6.30pm and are open to all .

A daily email

Sign up for a daily email from the Church of England based on the Pilgrim Course on the Beatitudes here.

For Smart Phone Users

An App for daily prayer and reflection from the Church of England based on the Pilgrim Course on the Beatitudes can be downloaded free from Apple or Android.

OR ‘Just Earth – a journey of faith with creation’ is an American app offers 40 days of reflections, prayers and actions to take . You can download it free for Android or Apple.

This fits well with this year’s Lent Lectures which take a similar theme. Although Christian based, It draws on resources from other faiths.

A low tech arty Lent

If that’s all a bit high tec, pick up one of the ‘Lent Calendars’ at the back of church. 

How does it work?

Each day write a word or a name on the calendar template and draw or doodle around it. As you draw, focus on the name or word you have written. If words come to you, pray them. If not, just enjoy the
stillness. Each day will be different and as you go through Lent you will accumulate words or names in a visual tapestry.
How to find your word:
1) Use a daily book of Lenten meditations or your Bible reading notes. Read the reading or mediation for the day and select a word that jumps out at you.
2) Choose one of Sunday’s readings. Read a verse or two from it and write down a word which strikes you.
3) Pray for a person or a country and write down the name.
4) Read the same weekly set Psalm each day and choose a daily word.
5) Just draw. If words come to you in your silence, write them in the space.

A daytime course

Our recent parish Pilgrim Course on the Beatitudes (the ‘blessed are sayings of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel) was over-subscribed and will be re-run in full later in the year. In the meantime Revd David Guest is offering a 4 week version of the course for members of the Wednesday Holy Communion congregation at Christ Church and others who would like to join them. The course begins on 13 March at 11.15am and will last about 45 minutes.

 Giving During Lent

As usual, the Parish is supporting the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Appeal. See the display in church for details of the projects being supported this year.

Why not try giving up chocolate, alcohol or some other luxury during Lent and give the money you save to support these important  projects?

Lent Lunches

Eat a simple lunch with the proceeds going the Bishop’s Lent Appeal. See Notice Sheet for details of these. The lunch at St Mary’s is on 30 March at 12.30pm.