Historical background

Galileo goes to jail and other myths about Science and Religion ed Ronald L. Numbers 2009 Harvard University Press

Science and Religion – Some Historical Perspectives John Hedley Brooke 1991 Cambridge University Press

Science and Religion – New Historical Perspectives Ed. Thomas Dixon, Geoffrey Cantor, Stephen Pumfrey 2010 Cambridge University Press



God, Humanity and the Cosmos  –  3rd edition Ed. Christopher Southgate 2011 T&T Clark

The Big Questions in Science and Religion Keith Ward 2008 Templeton Foundation Press

Science and Religion in Quest of Truth John Polkinghorne 2011 SPCK

Rebuilding the Matrix – Science and Faith in the 21st Century Denis Alexander 2001 Lion Publishing


Useful websites

The Faraday Institute

Test of Faith

John Polkinghorne

Scientists in Congregations


Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley, CA

Bishop Richard Cheetham’s website has some articles on Science and Religion


Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston            18.3.14